Chemex Filters

How to use your: Chemex filter!

After you have sterilized and seasoned your filter it is ready to use! The Chemex filters are designed to be a one-size-fits-all filter, and are able to adjust to the size of your Chemex. 

Run the filter under water, completely soaking the filter. Make sure to ring out the excess water; you want the filters damp, not sopping wet. This helps the filter stay in place in your Chemex and helps it warm up your brewer before you add your coffee!

Place your filter on a flat surface, and fold the sewn edge of the filter towards the centre. This creates a double layer of fabric, and makes a little pouch when placed inside of your Chemex. 

The folded pieces of fabric should go over the spout of your Chemex. This allows there to be airflow, and helps keep the brew time of your coffee on track. Weigh out your coffee, add it to the pouch that you created, and voila! You're Chemex filter is ready to go! 

Enjoy your coffee!